For green bloggers

One of the mandates of Greyish Green is to help others to build social businesses that strive to create a peaceful and prosperous world. Because it takes a lot of time and effort to build any business, especially for those of just starting out, here are some resources that have proved useful. Some of the recommendations below are affiliate links where commissions are received.

Blogging tools:

This site uses the free WordPress theme Fashionista from Athemes.  Other free themes are available such as Cali and premium themes to choose from. The free options mean that you have to do all the set-up.

They also offer Premium options that provide customer support.

I recommend the ecologically conscious web-hosting company, Green Geeks. They offer Web hosting services for approximately 3 euros a month for starters and 6 euros a month for professionals. Please note, after the first year, when you renew your subscription, to get the best deal, you should renew for three years to get the same discount. So, be prepared and save up so you can pay 3 euros x 12 months x 3 years or 6 euros x 12 months x 3 years. You can review their pricing plans online.

After you get your domain name and hosting, I recommend you use WordPress. There are a number of Youtube Channels that help you build your website. Here is a video from Oh, She Blogs! that provides step by step instructions to make your own Website:

Another excellent tutorial Youtube channel is Create a Pro website. Dale’s explanations are always clear.