Future fabric: Cork is sustainable, use that.

Cork is an ecological and sustainable fabric that is ideal for accessories. How expensive is it you ask? The cost of cork is around 20 euros per meter retail. 

So, what is it like to touch? It is equivalent to leather. It has a unique stiffness. It is soft and airy light. Water-resistant, abrasion-resistant, hypoallergenic, and stain resistant are some of this fibre’s beneficial properties. Cork is perfect for making vegan shoes, bags, and other accessories.




At this early stage of designing with cork, the aesthetics decision taken by early adopters has been quite classical or naturalistic in approach, colours selected giving off a kind of terracotta effect. Recent fabric designs using darker colours are starting to appear on the market.

When a tree is around 25 years old, then bark or cork is ready to be harvested. After that, it can only be harvested in 9 years.

Trees are not cut down. Cork trees can live to be 300 years old. Cork forests grow in Portugal, Spain, as well as on a smaller scale in Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia,  Italy, and France around the Mediterranean Sea. The best part is cork forests support biodiversity, second to the rainforests of the Amazon in supporting life. 

Resources and Credits:

Text and Photography: Sharifa Jamaldin

Location: Captain Cork, Antwerpen https://www.captaincork.be/


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