Nettle Soup (Vegan Version)

A great way to connect with nature and what you eat is to go foraging. You have already likely experienced foraging, like when you went raspberry picking or blueberry picking in the woods or knocking coconuts down. However, probably not wild plants. One of the simplest plants to forage is stinging nettles. For nettles, collect them in the early spring and wash them well.


1 onion

1 potato

2.5 c. water

1 clove of garlic

1 tb. vegetable bouillon

1 cup clean nettles


Fry chopped onions in a little bit of water.

Add potatoes and water.  Cook the potatoes.

Mix in bouillon and garlic. Cook for a minute or so.

Add in the nettles into the soup. Cook for a minute or two.

Blend the soup.

That’s it.


Sharifa Jamaldin