Baserange – ethereal sustainably designed underwear

If you have a penchant for serious underwear, Baserange website is the brand for you. Baserange creates ultra natural underwear and essentials for nature loving people. Baserange with the acronym ‘basic aesthetics for sustainable easywear’ exemplifies how a sustainable clothing company can be stylish.

Baserange Sustainable Underwear

Formed in 2012, Baserange is under the wings of design-duo Danish Marie-Louise Mogensen and French Blandine Legait who are advocates for eco-fashion. The designers became fast friends and have formed a unique collaboration working apart out of their studios in Copenhagen and Toulouse.

Aiming for a low carbon footprint, the brand limits production within Europe, linking with small family run textile operations with one being in Porto, Portugal and the other in Odemis near Izmir, Turkey. Quantities are kept small. A key part of getting high marks in sustainability is their use of raw, untouched organic natural fabrics made from cotton, linen, and bamboo. Organic cotton is Öko-tex certified. Some of the organic cotton is produced in France. The linen is grown and sourced in Europe.  A large chunk of fabric in their repertoire is raw. Textile dying is minimal and is non-toxic; and some are GOTS certified.

The Baserange palette comes from the inherent tones of the fibre itself and often punctuated with glimmers of colour. Much of the underwear comes in neutral colours like eggshells, off-white, cream, sand, opal, pearl, beige…

The brand has used the plant woad for instance which is the European indigo natural to the region to get blue variants. Thoughtful about issues of climate change, the brand mission is to create long-lasting garments that cause minimal environmental damage. The result is sensible yet a soulful delivering really cool minimalistic monotone basics that are quite radical to boot.

Stylistically there is a play of a Bronte epic. Imagine the wardrobe of a modern Jane Eyre, a gaunt ethereal character endowed with a puritanical sensuality. Austere yet gorgeous, the collections include functional basics that exude effortlessness.

Baserange Sustainable Easywear

The brand’s aesthetic take inspiration from uniforms out of hospitals, institutions, stripped down look of from a stark clinical approach. The shapes and forms are pared down, not drab. This design exercise produces these really cool inventive items. The collection is composed of undergarments, loungewear, and swimwear, a smaller range of basics that exude effortlessness, authenticity, and nonchalance. From stark plainness to exquisite hand knitted lingerie, cosy jumpsuits and uncomplicated thrown on dresses unadorned tops and bottoms.

Underpinning their ethos of the brand are their reflections on complex ideas, such as  identity, individuality, feminism, traditions, humanity, friendship, culture. The brand champions truth in modern living. In their ad campaigns, candid stills showcase models in just ordinary places without pretense, such as corridor, a gymnasium, a hallway, a parking lot, an apartment. You get a sense of the real individual. Subtly conceptual, their narrative is revolutionary and the message is one of activism.

Base Range knocks out functional pragmatic pieces intertwining ethics and beauty in just the right measure.


Sharifa Jamaldin