Victor and Albert Museum’s study room

Simply known as the V&A, the Victoria and Albert Museum space is a purveyor of design and the decorative arts, a place of learning, of emotive revelations, and understanding what is beautiful and grave about our culture looking glass at objects through the lens of the history.  The V&A is breathlessly gigantic and gorgeous, spreading over acres, vast with 145 galleries on 7 floors, holding in storage over 2 million priceless objects from ancient times to the present, under conservation behind the scenes. It’s photography collection has 500,000 plus images. Out of storage, its permanent collection have on display 230,000 plus artefacts that form its foundation, adroitly arranged into clusters of categories: Textile and Fashion, Furniture, Sculpture, Ceramics and Glass, Metalwork, Ceramics, Word and Image. Items are sensibly grouped by age, theme, and/or origin.


Throughout the calendar year, the curators concoct an ever changing temporary exhibitions and ongoing events with bold, contemporary, or ephemeral themes that draw in diehard academics to bemused visitors. Such has the following past exhibitions:

  • Undressed: A Brief History of Underwear
  • Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty
  •  Architects and their sketchbooks
  • Imperfect Beauty: the making of contemporary fashion photographs
  • Photojournalism 1930-1970 – Recent Gifts to the V&A,
  • The Adventures of Hamza, Power of Making,
  • Picturing Plants: Masterpieces of Botanical Illustration,
  • Disobedient Objects,
  • Zoomorphic,
  • HearWear – The Future of Hearing,
  • Diaghilev and the Golden Age of the Ballets Russes, 1909 – 1929,
  • Sixties Fashion,
  • Modernism: Designing a New World,
  • Cultural Connections: Africa,
  • Design and Ornament in Renaissance Bindings,
  • Central Asian Ikats from the Rau Collection,
  • Surreal Things: Surrealism and Design,
  • On the Threshold: The Changing Face of Housing,
  • At Home in Renaissance Italy,
  • Leonardo da Vinci : Experience, Experiment and Design
  • David Bowie Is


V& A is a place of study


For the serious ones, it is possible to study close-up countless pieces of costumes, textiles, dress, tapestry, furniture, ceramics, glass, ornaments, sculpture, paintings, posters, jewellery, and metalwork, architectural models, spanning several centuries.  A plethora of objects, images, and words from the ages, Medieval, Renaissance, Islamic Art, the Roaring twenties…The V&A has a superb selection of historical costumes and a study room for textile techniques instruction, that is an immense resources for artisans and designers.


Who is the V&A for?

Artist, designer, inventor, knitter, embroider, painter, carpenter, builder, librarian, writer, student,  nurse, scientist, photographer, nobody,  somebody, punk, vegan, hipster, bohemian, soulster, raver, hippy , gothic, emo, traveller, immigrant, philosopher, diver, runner, artisan, teacher, historian, driver, cleaner, cook, dancer, photographer, musician, child, senior, mechanic, lawyer, beautician, psychologist…

Sharifa Jamaldin